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Secondary markets in Mexico are important. We know that transportation plays a vital role in many industries. The flexibility of our platform lets you adjust criteria in real-time to make your data model the best it can be.


We have multiple retail DataFrames divided by macro categories. Please use the explorer to find all relevant information.


One of Mexico's most important industries is tourism. Which is why we gather all base fares (2 adults for one night) daily for all hotels in Mexico.


There are thousands of brands of medicines. They are sold in multiple formats and under various labels. We make it simple for you to access the latest prices and formats available in the market at any given moment.

Real Estate

Real Estate is a key variable in economic development and we compile all "For Rent" and "For Sale" ads in Mexico. This massive market can be used as a solid external variable.


Events in Mexico can dictate interesting trends and industry shifts. We have an updated list of all public events and their prices.


Hotels, restaurants, and product reviews for many industries.

Gas Price

All prices for most Mexican gas stations. Temporal variations are expected due to lack of information.


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